Shoza Queen

I was very sick that I could not walk or do anything, because of cancer. One day, I was watching Pastor Chris on television as he prayed for sick people then I closed my eyes while he was praying, after the prayers I fell asleep where I was sitting but I felt like I wasn't sleeping and I heard the voice say to me you are healed then I woke up. The following week was my next appointment to see the doctor and I asked the doctor for clutches so that I would start practicing to walk again with them and the doctor looked at me and smiled, then he said are you sure of what you want? I said please doctor, he agreed to give me what I was asking for. I went home started my practice as I said to the doctor. Oh the Lord is great, I used the clutches for two weeks, then I began to walk normally! Now I am completely healed! Thank you Pastor Chris. May the Lord keep you safe and protect you all the time. Amen.

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