Elsa Kaanjosa

I am Elsa Kaanjosa who loves and follows Pastor Chris messages.

I had been married for 8 years without a child, as I watched messages by Pastor Chris and made my confessions daily, my story changed. I am so thankful to God for blessing me with twins.


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Prince MBachu

I am still here this year 2020 listening đź‘‚ to these wonderful messages and I must say; pastor ever since I started listening to your message, my life has changed; I have giving my life to Christ Jesu

Loma Languza - South Africa

Wow! I am revived by this message "Fight The Good Fight Of Faith". Like never before, the message of not worrying is so clear. I now speak life to the things around me and over my business, the busine

Shoza Queen

I was very sick that I could not walk or do anything, because of cancer. One day, I was watching Pastor Chris on television as he prayed for sick people then I closed my eyes while he was praying, aft